A new idea, a new discovery. That is what every artist is constantly looking for. Van Gogh is the brand for the adventurous, studying artist that is always on the lookout for the best way to tell his or her story. The artists’ paint Van Gogh remains as i
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Are you the new Van Gogh? In 2013 we will be looking for a new Van Gogh; an artist who will show his unique way of working in a video. Go to our Facebook page, upload a video of your unique way of working and have a chance of winning artists’ materials wo
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The Van Gogh Online Art Academy is a online academy with ideas and renewing inspiration! Check out the videos and find new inspiration. Experiment, just like Van Gogh did, with materials and discuss with colleague artists how to applicate this in your p
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Entries Van Gogh That's me Contest


VAN GOGH Entries Van Gogh That's me Contest

Watch all the entries that make chance to become the New Van Gogh and get inspired. Don't forget to vote for your favourite movie!

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A new Van Gogh Water Colour Pocket  Box


VAN GOGH A new Van Gogh Water Colour Pocket Box

Be inspired by the new Van Gogh Pocket  Box. But what makes this new Van Gogh so special? It’s terrific “fit”, an inspirational new design. The new Pocket Box is now even more functional with practical features like the mixing palette that can be taken out and washed and a two-piece brush, size 6! Moreover, there is much space for colour mixing. And on top of this a very...

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